Steelworks Testimonials

  • My daughter has been attending steelworks for the last 8 years and I can fully recommend it. There is a great range of classes that children can experience with some fabulous teachers who continually encourage and motivate them. The academy is a very friendly environment where children feel safe and the younger age groups have some fabulous role models in the full time students, being able to perform with them in the last show was something special. My daughter continues to progress with her dance skills and has a great set of friends to enjoy it with.


    Lucy Harvey

  • Our daughter, Scarlett, has danced at Steelworks for over ten years from the age of two. We started her in the baby ballet class thinking this would build her confidence and get her ready to start school. Ten years later, with the continued support of the amazing dance teachers, Scarlett now does ballet, tap, modern, pointe and has previously had a go at contemporary.
    Scarlett has taken part in many shows over the years at the local theatres, again with a lot of hard work and dedication from both Scarlett and her dance teachers. These are such proud moments when we see our little girl up on that stage.
    Scarlett has made many friends and has moved up the grades with them over the years- it’s lovely to see them all grown up and having a love for dancing. Scarlett continues to build on her confidence completing exams and moving on up the grades.
    I can’t thank the dance teachers enough for all of their hard work and encouragement that they give to all of the students. I have recently started an adult tap class “it’s never to late to dance” and again, I couldn’t have been made to feel any more welcome. Well done to all at Steelworks and thank you xx

    Andrea Edgeley

  • Having danced as a child, I decided it was time to take up this lovely hobby once again. Steelworks has turned out to be the perfect choice and I have now danced here for over 20 years, building close longlasting friendships along the way. So when my daughter was born I was keen that she should experience the joys of dance and at the age of 2 1/2 Lucy joined the Nursery class and soon flourished into a beautiful, talented dancer.  Lucy is now 11 years old, enjoying the range of genres that Steelworks offer and loves to spend many hours each week at the studio.

    Lucy has achieved so much with the care, encouragement and professional approach of all her teachers, being rewarded with fantastic exam results. During 2018, Lucy was thrilled to successfully audition for the British Ballet Organisations Scholars Scheme and now attends monthly classes in Manchester.  We are so proud to see how she’s grown and developed with her own dedication and hard work, always aiming to improve and do her best. 

    Showtime is always a highlight. Its a wonderful time and we love sharing the experience and excitement together and with our many friends in rehearshals, the dressing rooms and on stage. Lucy was delighted when she was asked to dance the part of Alice in the Wonderland scene during our last show Break The Limits.  She was amazing and it was another proud momement for all the family.  We are both very proud to be part of the Steelworks studio.

    Gill McGovern